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California’s courts, legislature, and administrative agencies have laid a complex legal framework governing the employment relationship. However, employees and employers are often unaware of their rights and obligations under California’s many employment laws.

An uninformed employee might give up important protections provided under the law. For example, an employee might accept his termination “for performance” even though he was fired shortly after reporting that his boss had been fudging the numbers. This employee might ask, should I sign a severance agreement in exchange for a month’s pay? What will happen to my stock options that have vested? Answering questions such as these without consulting an attorney might prove costly.

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Even well-intentioned employers can make mistakes. You might agree to pay an hourly employee a salary, thinking that the employee asked for it and deserves the added prestige that a salary brings. However, this employee may not qualify for exemption from laws requiring premium pay for overtime, among other requirements, giving rise to potential liability down the road.

Unlike many firms that practice in this legal arena, we don’t just represent employers or employees. We advise individuals about their rights as employees and fight for them when their rights are trampled upon. We also advise employers how best to navigate California’s minefield of employment laws, and defend them when mistakes are made. No matter what side of the employment relationship you are on, we are here to help.