Personal Injury

We fight insurance companies for full and fair compensation for our clients who were injured by the fault of another.  Most claims we handle arise from motorcycle and car collisions. Increasingly, our job is to sue the driver of the vehicle that injured our client and then pursue an underinsured-motorist claim against our client’s own insurer for the balance.  In a recent case, we secured for our client the policy limits available under the auto policy of the driver who injured him.  Then, we litigated an underinsured motorist claim against our client’s own insurer, and produced a very favorable result for our client.

Over the years, we have handled a wide variety of personal injury cases.  Clients have been bitten by dogs, crushed by heavy machinery, or incapacitated after they fell on slick or uneven surfaces.  Others were chemically burned by unsafe products, or hurt by negligent actors including their trusted doctors.

In most instances, we represent our injured clients under a contingency fee arrangement. We understand that our injured clients often cannot afford to pay for a lawyer to litigate their claim.  They are otherwise helpless to challenge the army of adjusters, investigators and defense counsel the insurance companies bring to bear to defeat their claims.  Under our contingency contract, we invest our time—hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth in some cases—in exchange for a reasonable percentage of the recovery.  In most instances, we advance all costs, including court filing, expert witness, and jury fees, which are reimbursed out of the recovery.  Through our contingency agreement, we level the playing field to obtain full and fair compensation for our clients.

We offer a free consultation for Personal Injury, Estate Planning, and Employment Discrimination matters.

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