Three generations of Hooys have served their community through Hooy & Hooy. Our firm’s founder, Bill Hooy, established what was to become Hooy & Hooy in 1975 after starting his legal career working for a large corporation headquartered in San Francisco. Bill ran the firm initially as a solo practice with the help of his wife, Barbara. Later Bill grew the firm and included his son, Bob, who joined the firm right out of law school in 1985. Bill and Bob then worked together, and in about 1987 the father-son team became co-owners and re-named the practice Hooy & Hooy, PLC.

Hooy & Hooy flourished through Bill and Bob’s teamwork. The pair tried, arbitrated or otherwise resolved thousands of matters of many different kinds for a wide variety of clients. What made their remarkable results possible was tenacity, stubborn faith in our clients, willingness to take a chance when most people would not, and working up every case for trial. While the courts push for settlement of every case and the vast majority do resolve short of trial, spending both time and money (even on an appeal in the right case) to advance the client’s interests paid great dividends for the firm and its clients. Positive resolution of any case the firm took was not only possible but often achieved through Bill and Bob’s willingness and capability to litigate any case through its resolution.

After working with his son for nearly twenty years, Bill retired from the practice of law in 2004. Bob continued the firm’s community-oriented litigation practice until January 2016, when Will Hooy, Bob’s eldest son, who is a capable lawyer in his own right, joined the firm as an associate. A new father-son duo emerged—ready to continue the determined representation of our clients in whatever forum the client’s matter demands.

We offer a free consultation for Personal Injury, Estate Planning, and Employment Discrimination matters.

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