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We offer a great variety of services to our business clients.  We form, maintain and terminate corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.  We happily review the work of others, and fill in any legal gaps.

We are a great source for help with updating employee policy manuals, and employee relations.  The law has changed a great deal in the past year.  As a business owner, can you confidently say that the materials you give to your employees are legally correct and sufficient in addressing sick leave, overtime pay, and social media?  When was the last time you checked your standard terms of sale?

Many of our clients call us for advice when anything unusual occurs in the course of their business.  Our experience is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  In the business context, if you have questions about an agreement, get those questions answered before you sign; if you need to fire a problem employee, confirm that you have your ducks in a row before carrying out the deed; and if you are accused of breaking a promise, consult counsel to form an appropriate response.  Litigating from a place of weakness is invariably expensive, though often avoidable.

We also can prepare everything an owner or buyer of a business might need to sell or buy a business.  We have prepared and reviewed many sale and purchase agreements, and helped in structuring transactions to secure payment using promissory notes (collateralized and unsecured) and guaranties.

When necessary, we can sue to collect on all kinds of business agreements. If you have not been fully paid, we can help.  After obtaining a judgment, we can help you collect through many proven mechanisms like wage garnishments, bank levies and real estate liens.

We offer a free consultation for Personal Injury, Estate Planning, and Employment Discrimination matters.

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